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World O’ Appliances/Household/Plumbing/Irrigation/HVAC/Hardware

Extreme Irrigation
Where unreasonable amounts of time and energy are spent for someone’s idea of ultimate irrigation.
376B Furnace Fun
The (mis-)adventures of a non-professional in the HVAC world. Currently focusing on the Day & Night (or Payne or Bryant) model 376B furnace.
Lennox G20 Series - Electrical and Other Adventures
The (mis-)adventures of a non-professional in the HVAC world continue. Focuses on details of the BCC3-1 Blower Control Center circuit board.
Breville 800ESXL Repair
A collection of notes, suggestions, and a schematic, based upon a combination of my own troubleshooting and repair work and a compilation of knowledge from contributors on the Internet. Currently focuses on electrical problems.
Telechron Electric Clock Repair Tips
A compilation of classic mid-20th. century wisdom, my own ideas, and the best of what i have come across on the WWW, focusing on Telechron/G.E. motor rotor relubrication/rejuvenation.
G.E. Clothes Iron Disassembly Pictorial
Forgotten photos, taken in 2004, rediscovered and presented as a terse pictorial of the disassembly of a General Electric Cat. 21F80 electric steam clothes iron. Even if not particularly helpful, it may be fun to look at the pictures of the insides of a vintage electric iron.