Originally Web posted Thursday, 8 January 2009.
Content last modified Saturday, 9 January 2021 .

376B Furnace Fun

Adventures of an HVAC non-professional
376B in horizontal position

Whether your BDP Company model 376B furnace is badged Bryant, Day & Night, or Payne, hopefully something here may prove helpful.

My Background

I am not an HVAC professional. I have decades of extensive troubleshooting experience, mostly in electronics/audio/Macintosh computers, though also as a dedicated non-professional in automotive, irrigation, appliances, and other fields… yes, including HVAC. I am cautious and learn as much as i readily can about a repair topic before jumping in. My track record of success is very high. It often takes me vastly longer than it would a professional to reach the same result, yet with a labor rate being a non-issue, i have less need to “throw parts at” a problem to keep overall costs in check, and have the luxury of more precisely determining the failure and in most cases only replacing what is necessary.

Repair Adventures

So far in this ongoing adventure, we have three stories of a Day & Night-badged 376BAW036075 (75,000 BTUh, 1/3 HP blower) horizontally-mounted furnace to share: