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World O’ Electronics

other than Audio/Broadcast/Apple
The Ever-Changing Names of My Favorite Contact Cleaning Chemical(s)
Caig makes great products, including the best contact cleaner (in my opinion), yet they sure do not make it easy for those of us wanting to recommend their products (though they are getting better)!
World O’ X10
Cleaning, disassembly, modification, and/or alignment notes for some of the more popular members of this popular plug-in Home Automation family. (Plus links to more comprehensive X10 sites).
What is a Ground Loop and Why Should I Care?
My half-baked attempt at handling this very common problem. An outstanding demonstration of why one should not construct web pages while drugged on caffeine, sugar, and chocolate. Luckily, there are links to better ground loop sites!
Philips PM 3214 Oscilloscope Repair Notes
Something else almost forgotten in my pile of papers… contains an unusual problem and repair for the problem. Hope it helps someone!
DMM (Digital MultiMeter) recommendations
Formerly buried inside the Ground Loops article, now directly findable from this here section contents page.
Telephone Ring Generator
Schematics and information for making a local ring generator for testing telephone ringers (especially the older mechanical models) and similar uses.
Simple Interpretation of Continuity Tester Readings
For many years, this page has been available as part of the Ground Loop article. Now it also has a direct link here, as the information seems generally useful.
Microswitch Repair
Yes Virginia (or Molly or Jim or Theodore or……), it is possible, and even sometimes fun!, to repair a microswitch (a.k.a. “basic switch” or “snap switch” in some districts). Find out how!
Fractured Solder Joints
Some photos and brief discussion of fractured solder joints.