Section 7 — Maintenance

(original pages 130-132)

Advanced technology incorporated into the design of the CTR100 such as modular electronics, permanently lubricated solenoid plunger and capstan motor bearings, self-aligning pressure roller, and solid state optical sensing and VU meters permit operation of the tape machine with a minimum of maintenance.

Most of the maintenance which is required consists of routine cleaning, degaussing heads and routine alignment checks.

The frequency of maintenance is dependent upon a number of factors; i.e., type and condition of tape used, duty cycle of operation, overall frequency of use, and general ambient conditions. Therefore, the following list contains suggested service intervals for typical maintenance operations. Actual service intervals should be determined by the user.

7.1 Normal Preventive Maintenance - Checks and Adjustments

7.1.1 As Required

  1. Clean heads, pressure roller, capstan and tape guides using only Isopropyl Alcohol or a freon cleaner such as Miller-Stephenson Freon T.F. Use of other cleaning fluids may damage the heads.

7.1.2 Monthly

  1. Degauss heads
  2. Check solenoid linkage for proper operation and verify solenoid adjustment lock nut is tight
  3. Check tape heads, guides and pressure roller for wear; adjust or replace as necessary
  4. Check head alignment

7.1.3 Every Six Months

  1. Overall cleaning
  2. Check motor speed and flutter
  3. Check playback levels and equalizations
  4. Check record bias levels
  5. Check program audio record levels and equalizations
  6. Check cue tone sensor levels
  7. Check cue bias level
  8. Check cue record level
  9. Check meter calibrations
  10. Check CARTSCAN sensitivity

7.2 Normal Preventive Maintenance - Tools and Test Equipment Needed

7.2.1 Tools

  1. 5/64" Allen hex wrench for head adjustments
  2. 3/32" Allen hex wrench for head locks
  3. 3/8" open end wrenches for solenoid adjustments
  4. Electrical shop tools

7.2.2 Test Equipment for Routine Alignment

  1. Voltmeter
  2. Oscilloscope
  3. Wow and Flutter Meter

7.3 Test Tapes and Alignment Gauges

Fidelipac supplies a full complement of test and calibration tapes and alignment tools and gauges for use with the CTR100, other than those mentioned in the text. Consult the Fidelipac catalog for available items.

7.4 Relamping

Front panel indicator lamps are rated at 50,000 hours. In addition, these lamps are derated by the normal diode drop inherent in the switching transistors. Should replacement be necessary, proceed as follows:
  1. Lift the top cover of the machine
  2. Insert a 0.050 inch allen wrench down through the access hole(s) at the top of the front panel until it engages the set screw
  3. Turn the allen wrench approximately 3 turns counter-clockwise
  4. Lift the front panel up and tilt the bottom out
  5. Lamps are on pin plugs. Simply pull them straight out using a lamp removal tool or needle nose pliers wrapped with electrical tape.
[Button lamps: 382 flange base (387 long life?)
Word Display lamps: 7382 bi-pin]